Events of the NGF

1  October 26th -27th ,2007  1st NGF Retreat   DFID/SPARC
2  November 16th -18th ,2009

 1st IGR Conference

3  February 1st ,2009  1st Meeting between Governors and Bill Gates to Sign the Abuja Declaration on Polio    
4  2009-2010  Re-structuring of the NGF Secretariat    
5  May 17th -28th ,2010

 NGFS Management Mentoring Visit to the NGA (National Governors Association)

6  July 9th -11th, 2010

 NGF participation at the Annual Conference of the NGA

7  March 25th -27th, 2008

 Seminar on Challenges and Opportunities in Fiscal Federalism

   Forum of Federations, Canada
8  February 8th ,2011  Launch of the 1st NGF Strategic Plan (2010-2012)    
9  July 5th ,2011  Launch of the SPRM    
10  May 18th ,2011  Stakeholders’ Workshop on the SPRM    
11  July19-20th, 2010

 Stakeholders Sensitization Workshop on the 2009 National Human Development Report (NHDR) (Niger State for North Central Zone)UNDP


 November 22nd -23rd ,2010

 Stakeholders Sensitization Workshop on the 2009 National Human Development Report (NHDR) (Rivers State for South-South Zone)

13  May 19-20th,2011

 1st Induction Programme for Newly Elected and Re-elected Governors

14  May 23rd,2011

 Election of Governor Amaechi as Chairman of NGF

15  May 24th,2011

 Meeting btw Governors and the UN Sec, Gen. Ban Ki-Moon


 July 19th,2011

 Meeting btw Governors and Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) leadership on the Implementation of Minimum Wage    
17  August 29th,2011

 2nd Meeting between NGF and Bill Gates

18  November 16th– December 8th, 2011

 Seminar on Public Expenditure Management for State officials

   Gogosa Ltd.
19  November 20th–11th December 2011

 Specialized Training for Governors’ Convoy Drivers

   Federal Road Safety Commission
20  February 20th ,2012  Policy Dialogue on Oil and Gas Management in Federal Countries    Forum of Federations, Canada
21  January – Dec,2012  Quarterly Polio Awareness Campaign in all the States    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
22  May 2nd -3rd,2012

 Induction Training for Batch ‘A’ National Experts on the SPRM

23  July 4th -5th, 2012

 Induction Training for Batch ‘B’ National Experts on the SPRM

24  July 3rd ,2012  Training for 36 Journalists on the SPRM    DFID/SPARC
25  August 28th – September 6th ,2012

 Working Tour to Germany

26  October 9th,2012

 Workshop on – Improving IGR through Taxation

   CLEEN Foundation

 May 24th -25th 2012

 Governance Share Fair for South East States


 March 20th,2013

 Peer Review of Anambra and Ekiti States

29  April 2013

 Publication of the Inaugural Speeches for Presidents (1999-2011) & Governors (2007-2013) of the Fed. Rep. of Nigeria

30  April 17th -18th 2013

 Governance Share Fair for South West States

31  May 24th ,2013  NGF Chairmanship Election    

 June 10th -11th 2013

 PFM Stakeholders Workshop

   World Bank, DFID/SPARC

 November 15th -16th, 2013

 2nd NGF Retreat


 March 13-14th ,2014

 3rd NGF Retreat    
35  March 14th ,2014

 Launch of the 2nd NGF Strategic Plan (2014-2016)


 June 5-6th ,2014

 4th NGF Retreat, Port Harcourt

37  November16th -17th ,2015

 2nd IGR Conference

38  June 15th - 15th  1st NGF Health Conference     BMGF,Mamaye,NPHCDA 
39 October 23th-24th 2017 1st NGF Media Conference     
40 October 30th 3rd IGR Conference   DFID

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