NGF Appeals for Calm in Kaduna State

The Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) wishes to appeal to the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to exercise calm and restraint in its engagement with the Kaduna State Government.

The NGF calls for cautious introspection on the part of Labour as no meaningful progress of any kind has ever been achieved in an atmosphere of conflict and chaos. The NGF also wishes to remind the NLC that its actions could become counter-productive especially as the last year 2020, had adversely affected workers socially and economically. Therefore the NGF advises the NLC to explore the already open avenue of rapprochement that the Kaduna State government has provided to resolve the matter and join the State to evolve a convivial working environment that is befitting for all.

The NGF also calls on the NLC to be open-minded towards the altruistic intention of the staff audit that the Kaduna State is embarking upon to sanitise the State’s workforce and make it more productive. This should not be seen as a witch-hunt or an attempt to unnecessarily downsize the civil
service. As we all know, all States are at present going through difficult times and the most feasible option will be for each State to device its own response to its unique challenges without undermining the rights of individuals to seek redress.



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Dr. John Kayode Fayemi Governor of Ekiti State & Chairman, Nigeria Governors’ Forum

17th May, 2021

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