Governor Fayemi on the Platform Nigeria

The Chairman of Nigeria Governors' Forum and Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi engaged the public to discuss pressing national issues. He discussed the topic, ‘Is Devolution of Powers the Solution to Nigeria’s Problems?’ on the Platform Nigeria. He placed emphasis on multi-level policing, inclusive politics, and youth engagement.

NGF Chairman, Dr Kayode Fayemi says that “Governors are equally agitated by the security situation in the country. Don’t forget that they are on the frontlines. We are facing the impact of insecurity in our states daily.”

He says that "In many states, we are driving at accountability. For example, the payroll system is digitized. We have an integrated payroll system that links biometrics to your BVN. This helps us eliminate ghost workers. This is something that technology has enabled in many spaces."

He also mentioned that "Governors are not opposed to judicial and legislative autonomy. Governors are concerned about the modalities for implementation of judicial and legislative autonomy. We’ve held series of meetings with the parties in question."

To view some of the highlights of Governor Kayode Fayemi’s comments on the topic: ‘Is Devolution of Powers the Solution to Nigeria’s Problems?’ at Platform Nigeria @ThePlatformng on Saturday, May 1, 2021, click here


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