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NGF signs MoU with NESG

NGF signs MoU with NESG at the 23rd Nigeria Economic Summit, to assist the States in improving the ease of doing business and economic competitiveness.

 Credit:Kyari Bukar(Vanguard)

The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organization that serves as a platform for private and public sector dialogue, focused on Nigeria’s sustainable economic development. Noted for its impact on public policy, objective research as well as continuous advocacy through yearly economic summits among other things, the NESG has helped create an enabling environment conducive to good governance and responsible private investment. In 2016, the 22nd Summit focused on the theme “Made-In-Nigeria” and did set an agenda for getting stakeholder commitment to the structural and fiscal changes required to diversify the Nigerian economy. Basic RGB This year, the 23rd Nigerian Economic Summit (#NES23) is coming up at a unique time in the history of Nigeria when the national debate is no longer the uncertainty of the nation coming out of a recession, but that of ensuring that a growth trajectory is maintained post-recession to deliver a positive impact on Nigerian citizens in general. The Summit seeks to initiate robust conversations that will accentuate the economic framework for opportunities, productivity and employment. With the theme being “Opportunities, Productivity & Employment: Actualizing the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan”, discussions will explore: Strategic investment options, frameworks, models and business cases for unlocking capital flows that creates job opportunities, How best to map economic opportunities to specific market skills to ensure talent competitiveness Links between economic opportunities, skills and competencies and the right education pipeline that delivers them Outcomes of these discussions would lead to the development of an Action Plan that will facilitate a private sector-led investment approach towards mining sector specific opportunities. For instance: Agriculture and Agribusiness: It has been established that Nigeria is an agriculture-based society. With a possible US$3 billion to be unlocked in agricultural financing, one of the expectations of the conversations to be held at the Summit is that investment and infrastructure policies must be promoted to enrich and empower agribusinesses, while generating value.

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