NGF reiterates commitment to strengthen state health insurance

The Nigeria Governors’ Forum NGF says state Governments have registered over two million people under the National Health Insurance Scheme in the last one year. The Chairman of the Forum and Governor of Ekiti State, Dr Kayode Fayemi stated this after the forums’ meeting in Abuja.

Dr Fayemi explained that Members commended the progress made by State governments through their Social Health Insurance Authorities to enroll and provide health insurance cover for citizens across the country.

Following a health update by the NGF Secretariat, the Forum commended the rapid response of the Nigeria Centre for Disease and Control and the National Primary Health Care Development Agency in curbing the yellow fever outbreak which broke out in August across parts of the country, Governors also pledged to commit counterpart resources to strengthen mass vaccination campaigns in their respective States.

The Governors reviewed current progress in the implementation of the Minimum Wage Law and resolved that consequential increments would depend on the capacity of each State government.

The Forum remembered Dr Stella Adedavoh, the physician who attended to ‘Patient 0’ during the Ebola Outbreak in 20I4 in Lagos State.

Dr Adedavoh died from Ebola virus on 21 October 2014, but her memory lives on with the dream of ‘Healthcare of most Nigerians.


By Nehemiah Anini,
Radio Nigeria

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